Facesso is your partner when your business goes through major shifts and changes.

We support you when you face challenges that

– Cover complex enterprise-wide issues
– Entail a need for business innovation
– Involve the entire process strategy-planning-implementation
– Require mature leadership, strong culture and sound values

Whether you are facing challenges like a turnaround, a shift in your industry, a generation transfer or any other major change, you will meet significant difficulties. The goals are the same – to create success and sustainable profitability.

The keys to success are also similar – it requires powerful resources, extensive experience and deep understanding.

This you will find in the team at Facesso.

Why use the support from Facesso?

Of course, you are fully capable of handling change by yourself, but sometimes you are faced with extraordinary pressure.
The world around us does not stand still. Business conditions change, opportunities and challenges arise. You cannot always follow your existing plans based on familiar strategies.

No matter how successful you are and in what industry you work, you have surely realized the neccessity of being dynamic and flexible. Meanwhile, your business runs in full swing with its daily commitments and problems.

How do you tackle a sudden shift or a major change when you barely have the resources to keep up with the ongoing business? How do you make colleagues with full speed ahead, to also move sideways?

How do you manage extraordinary challenges?

We know how to do this. We have done it before. We can do it for you.

We know from our own experience that your management resources are not always big enough to handle both the ongoing daily issues and to manage a major change at the same time. It requires extra power and creates a risk of losing focus. There are times when you need to strengthen your leadership bandwidth.

Facesso is your obvious partner. We are the team that will take your business through major shifts and changes, with profit and success.

About Us

Facesso is a well-tuned team with both extensive consulting background and solid experience of operational management.

Fredrik Wetterhall: Med Tech, Product Management, Innovation, Strategies for Growth

fredrikFredrik specializes in product management throughout the product lifecycle, business development and launch of new products and concepts. Fredrik has extensive experience of management in both large multinationals as well as small start-up companies in the areas of medical technology, mobile phones and computer accessories. He has a broad international business experience in Asia, America and Europe. His strength is based on deep insight in most functions in high-tech companies, from research, development and production to product management and finance, marketing and sales. As a person and leader he is very result oriented, strategic, calm, responsive and determined. Fredrik is well structured and possesses a great ability to turn strategies into action. Fredrik has an MBA and university studies in computing and electronics.

Gunnel Tolfes: Strategic HR Mgmt, Change Mgmt, Board Development

gunnelGunnel is specialized in developing and implementing HR strategies that support companies’ future business strategies and to manage and implement major change programs. Gunnel has a broad background from continuously alternating heavy operational line management positions with HR Director roles. Gunnel has extensive experience from leading companies both in upturns and downturns. She has worked in a large international IT & Management Company for 20 years in many different roles and as Human Resources Director for the Nordic region’s largest bank. Board assignments include both public and private companies, both listed and unlisted, mainly in services and service industries. Gunnel has an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Jan Furuvald: IT, Healthcare, Complex Business & Organization Development, Entrepreneurship

janJan is specialized in development of entrepreneurial activities, both within large groups and independent growth company. Jan has a vast experience in change management on Group Mgmt level from several Nordic companies. Jan’s background is mainly in businesses that are based on intellectual property or other forms of unique competiveness. Jan, who has held several CEO and line management positions, has experience from multi-cultural environments, where gender, culture and geography are the blend. Jan’s strengths are to lead, inspire, support and enhance a wide perspective of his colleagues. Jan has a distinctly result oriented approach that includes both individuals, management teams and boards.

Lennart Almstedt: Strategy, Business Models, Change Mgmt, Innovation, Internationalization, Executive Business Mgmt

lennartLennart is specialized in developing business models, clarifying the strategic direction and ensuring implementation. Lennart has over 25 years of experience in business management and business development. His experience includes a long line of international and Swedish companies where he held several positions as President and General Manager. He has many years of experience in international business from many parts of the world and has in recent years also been an adviser to executive managers and boards of over 40 companies. Lennart has also experience from board assignments. Focus has been high-tech and high-value adding solutions and services in B2B. Lennart holds an MSc degree in Engineering Physics from Uppsala and Stanford University and an MBA degree from IMD in Switzerland.

Sigrun Hjelmquist: Strategy, Executive Business Mgmt, Board Assignments & Development

sigrunSigrun specializes in formulating strategies and translate them into operational management. She has more than 20 years of experience from executive management in international major companies in the IT / Telecom and has also worked with many small companies in growth phase. The assignments as president and division manager for global business has given her a solid operating industrial background in both prosperity and adversity. As an investment manager in the venture capital industry, Sigrun also gained deep understanding of entrepreneurial challenge. She has furthermore experience from assignments in over 35 different boards in small and large, listed and unlisted, Swedish and foreign companies in several industries. Sigrun holds an MSc degree and a Licentiate of Technology in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm.


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